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Getting Started Tutorial

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Examples for the REST API

Without any programming: Just type in your browser to preview the data:

http://api.zanox.com/xml/2009-02-01/products?applicationid={your applicationId}
&programs=1,2,3,4,5,...up to 20 program Ids, default value is 660 which includes a wide range of pre-selected programs
&items=5 // paging: valid page size is between 1 and 50
&page=0  // paging: selected page
&category=10000 // zanox product categoryId (beta) 
&q=keywords, searchphrase or text, e.g. a title or body of your blog

http://api.zanox.com/json/2009-02-01/products?applicationid={your applicationId}

// in addition to the parameters of REST/XML there is also a support of JSONP
&callback=NameOfJavaScriptCallbackHandler //JSONP

Examples for the SOAP API

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