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Image:Notice trans.gif What's New

zanox developer portal - new home for API documentation
We are happy to present a new home of zanox developer community - the zanox developer portal. We have moved and updated documentation, available on this wiki and added community features, such as development blog and forum (coming soon) - all in a new, clean design. The developer portal covers not only our APIs, but also other products for developers - MasterTag and ERP for advertisers, Media Container for publishers, Mobile SDKs.
Find it on https://developer.zanox.com!

Shutoff of Data API 2009 and 2010
On the 8th of April, we switched the default Data API endpoint and the default wsdl - http://data.zanox.com/soap and http://data.zanox.com/wsdl respectivelty - over to the 2011 version.

On April 15, the 2009 and 2010 versions of Data API were taken offline. If you haven't done so, make sure you migrate your client to the 2011 version.

Useful links:
Documentation Data API 2009
Documentation Data API 2011. This article also contains an overview of differences between the 2009, 2010 and 2011 API versions.

Removal of indirect partnership functionality
Since Friday, November 23, 2012, you are no longer be able to use the Publisher API to access ad media, products, or incentives from indirect partnerships, i.e. from advertisers to which you are not directly applied. This affects the following methods: GetAdMedia, GetAdMedium, GetIncentive, GetProduct, SearchIncentives, and SearchProducts.

Please be sure to update your scripts and applications to rely only on direct partnerships.

Exchange Formats

Request Formats:

Response Formats:

Applications for 3rd Parties

If you are interested in developing tools to be used by other publishers, please contact our zanox Client Service. http://www.zanox.com/us/about-zanox/contact/

Available APIs

Publisher API v2011
Get banners, links, incentives and products including tracking links; manage your profile information and AdSpaces; find and apply to advertiser programs; retrieve your statistics reports or raw leads and sales data; check your account balance and payment information.

Data API v2011
Retrieve Click, Lead and Sale exports for up to 30 days.

Image:Faq trans.gif Getting Started

zanox Web Services consist of a Publisher API which covers most of the publisher-side functionality of the zanox platform. The API can be used to manipulate the data in your own zanox publisher account, or to create applications which manipulate the data on behalf of other publishers.

Before getting started, read these first:

Then get your API credentials by signing in with your zanox publisher account.

Client Libraries

You can use Client Library to interact with the Publisher API. zanox officially offers a php Client Library, and will support developers attempting to use it:

In addition, zanox employees maintain the following Client Libraries in their spare time. As such, these are used at your own risk:

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