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zanox Update please translate into chinese:

Dear zanox Publishers,

In the zanox Interface you will now find that we are updating our booking process which will now show you the confirmation of leads & sales which you have generated.

Due to this new implementation and system update, some of our programs may be delayed, such as payments. By the end of this month (30.06.2008), these new updates will be finished and all payments will then have been made and will running back to normal.

The goal of this update is to make the payment schedules more transparent for Publishers and to also ensure that real time sales confirmations from Advertisers are being realized. As of today, the new update will be visible within the user interface for our Advertisers, but it will also soon be visible for our Publishers.

Why are we undergoing this new update? We are reacting to the needs of our valued Publishers! Especially for those who need to continually improve their business efforts based off of our reporting. With this new update, you will now be able to be profit from having things be much more visible & transparent. Because of this new reporting system you will now see the confirmation of Sales & Lead in real-time allowing you to optimize your campaigns based off their conversion rates and better stream-line your business efforts.

We at zanox, thank you for your understanding.

A detailed document explaining this new and exciting reporting feature can be found on the zanox wiki: En:New_Bookingprocedure

For any additional questions please feel free to contact our First Level Support, who is on hand 24 hours 7 days a week for your convenience.

zanox-Service team:

E-mail: Service Hotline Germany: +49 (0)30 509691-11 Service Hotline Austria: 0820 200115

Your zanox team!